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Dog Friendly Vacation

A dog-friendly vacation in Hocking Hills is an adventure that promises fun and relaxation for both you and your furry friend. The region is teeming with pet-friendly trails, allowing you to explore breathtaking landscapes together. From the awe-inspiring Old Man's Cave to the tranquil beauty of Ash Cave and Cedar Falls, these trails offer diverse experiences and stunning scenery. The lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, and unique rock formations create the perfect backdrop for memorable hikes. With many trails allowing leashed dogs, you and your pet can enjoy the fresh air and natural wonders side by side. Don't forget to bring plenty of water and snacks for both of you and always keep your pet on a leash to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Many local restaurants, wineries, and breweries have patio areas for guests with pets. These spots provide the perfect setting to unwind with a glass of your favorite beverage while your dog enjoys the fresh air and friendly atmosphere. With its combination of outdoor adventures and welcoming local establishments, Hocking Hills is an ideal destination for a dog-friendly vacation.


Pet-Friendly Trails

Hocking Hills is known for its stunning natural beauty, and many of its trails are pet-friendly. Be sure to check out:

These trails offer breathtaking views and are perfect for exploring with your pet. Just remember to keep them on a leash and clean up after them to maintain the beauty of these natural areas.

Hocking Hills is a pet paradise, offering numerous opportunities to explore, dine, and relax with your furry friend. So pack your dog bags, grab the leash, and get ready for an adventure you and your pet will never forget!

The Best Time To Visit: Midweek Travel

Traveling to Hocking Hills mid-week is the ultimate hack for an unforgettable adventure! Imagine having those stunning trails and breathtaking waterfalls almost to yourself—no need to elbow your way through crowds or wait for the perfect photo op. Activity attractions typically have more availability and you can have your pick of times! Plus, lodging options are more readily available and often cheaper, so you can snag that dreamy cabin with a hot tub without breaking the bank. Restaurants and local attractions are less crowded, giving a more relaxed vibe. Mid-week travel lets you soak in the natural beauty and tranquility of Hocking Hills without the hustle and bustle—it's like having a slice of paradise all to yourself!


Pet-Friendly Patio Dining

Millstone Southern Smoked BBQ

Maya Burrito Co.

58 West

Shamrock Irish Pub

Urban Grille Pub

Oasis Coffee Shop

Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium


Wineries and Breweries with Pet-Friendly Patios

Hocking Hills Winery

Le Petit Chevalier Vineyards and Farm Winery

Manchester Hill Winery

Rockside Winery & Vineyard

Motherwell Distilling Co.

Brewery 33

Double Edge Brewing Co.

Little Fish Brewing Co.

Revolution Rockbridge Wine Co

Book Your Cabin for a Pet-Friendly Retreat

Find the perfect pet-friendly Hocking Hills cabin by using our Availability Search Tool, where you can select the days of your stay, the number of people you’re traveling with, and even filter by amenities, including pet-friendly.

Posted: June 17, 2024