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Mother Nature's Classroom

Fun projects to do while learning about nature.

Education Specialist, Rebecca Miller of the Hocking County Soil and Water Conservation, has created an exciting packet of activities to do while in the parks, hiking on the trails or in your own backyard! These fantastic fun projects are a great place to start your outdoor journey as a family.

Stop in the Regional Welcome Center

(13178 State Route 664 South, Logan)

and pick up 

Mother Nature's Classroom Learning Projects

or print individual projects by clicking below

The Seven Leave No Trace Principals

ABC Nature Scavenger Hunt

Adventure Hunt

Bird Observation Data Sheet

Color Match

Hocking Hills Bingo

Sound Mapping

Unnatural Trail Scavenger Hunt

Leaf Artistry


Leaf Litter Critters

Pictures in the Sky

Leaf Print T-shirts

Animal Tracks & Sign

Mother Nature’s Classroom Learning Projects meet specific science and educational standards. Rebecca Miller, Education Specialist with Hocking Soil and Water, Robyn Wright-Strauss, Chief Naturalist for the Edge of Appalachia, Crystal Cole, Logan Hocking School Teacher and Kim Johnson, Logan Hocking School Teacher, collaborated to provide a detail of what standard each project meets. Click below to download.

Educational and Science Standards