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Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 Protocols 

On June 2, 2021 the State of Ohio changed the Covid guidelines to follow the CDC's guidance for those who are fully vaccinated.  "Except in certain limited circumstances, fully vaccinated persons may safely do most activities without a facial covering and without socially distancing. Unvaccinated individuals are at a significantly higher risk of getting COVID-19 and suffering its devastating toll. As such, unvaccinated individuals should continue to protect themselves using mitigation measures, such as masking and social distancing." 


Our Hocking Hills businesses continue to make the safety of staff and guests a priority.  Please follow the above guidelines as appropriate for your personal situation.


Be safe and enjoy the Hocking Hills.


How to Dress for Fall and Winter

As the temperatures cool off we often get asked how to best dress for a hike. See our guide to dressing for success here. 


Once you arrive to the Hocking Hills there will be many places for you to purchase firewood. Many lodging options provide wood for purchase on-site. However, if you still need to find some, take a quick drive down 664 South for many buying opportunities. 

Handicap Accessible Trails

There are two trails that are accessible! Ash Cave and Conkle's Hollow are the two trails that are paved and flat for guests with mobility issues to enjoy. While the signage at Ash Cave tells you to keep moving forward on the trail, guests with mobility concerns can turn around and come back on the paved trail. 

Best Places to See the Sunset/Sunrise

Want to view a spectacular sunset/sunrise in the Hocking Hills? Choose one of the lakes in the area:

Lake Logan, Rose Lake, and Lake Hope

Want a wide sky view? Check out Green Summit Cemetery in Adelphi. 


The Differences between the State Parks and Nature Preserves

The difference is mostly up to the state government’s goal for that area. In general, State Nature Preserves focus more on the preservation of the area, and thus have more restrictions and less human development, while state parks typically have more amenities such as bathrooms with plumbing, camp pavilions, developed campgrounds and cabins, and may have a lodge.

Pet-Friendly Options 

We love your pets here at the Hocking Hills! The state parks are pet-friendly trails while the nature preserves are not. Some pet-friendly dining and brewery/winery options include: 

  • Maya Burrito Patio
  • Hungry Buffalo Patio
  • Millstone Patio
  • Coffee Emporium Patio
  • Hocking Hills Winery Patio
  • Brewery 33 Outdoor space 

Stay Up-To-Date

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Last Minute Availability

Sometimes last minute cancellations come up leading to availabilities. The best place to see if there is available lodging is to call the Regional Welcome Center located in Logan at 740-385-9706.