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Hocking Hills Road Tour

Car & Driver Magazine named the roads in Hocking Hills as their “Midwestern driving roads of choice” when they brought the Aston Martin Vanquish here for a test drive in spring of 2013.  According to Car & Driver, “The driving route is maybe the best in the world, this side of the Nürburgring.”  Their route of choice was a loop on State Route 374 to State Route 56 to State Route 664 and back to State Route 374. 

Collector car clubs, motorcycle clubs and folks just out for a pleasant country drive enjoy the beauty that abounds throughout the hills.  Car & Driver’s route of choice is just one of many breathtaking rides that can test the limits of both driver and vehicle. 

The roads dip and twist through forests, over high vistas and around hairpin curves.  Every season delivers its’ unique beauty.  Winter’s touch is cliff and cave walls covered in ice beards and waterfalls frozen in suspended animation.  Spring and summer explode with wildflowers and a million shades of green.  As the summer crowds thin in September and fall colors wash the landscape in October the ride becomes truly resplendent. 

Stop by the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center at 13178 State Route 664 S (US 33 & State Route 664) for maps, directions, suggestions and everything you’ll need for a resplendent ride through the Hocking Hills.

Laurelville Loop

Car and Driver / Scenic Byway Loop

Lake Hope Loop

Full Map  (PDF)