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3-Day Itinerary for Active Retirees in Hocking Hills, Ohio

John Glenn Astronomy Park

3-Day Itinerary for Active Retirees in

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Welcome to Hocking Hills, Ohio! Get ready for three days of fun, exploration, and relaxation. This itinerary blends nature, history, and unique attractions at a comfortable pace. Let's dive into this delightful adventure!


Day 1: Nature and Local Charm


Hike to Ash Cave: Start your day with a hike to Ash Cave, one of the most stunning spots in Hocking Hills. It's an easy, accessible trail that leads you to Ohio's largest recess cave. Enjoy the serene beauty and take your time exploring.


Local Café: Head to the Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium for a delicious lunch and some locally roasted coffee. It's the perfect place to refuel after your hike.


Shopping and Museums: Explore the local shops and museums in Hocking Hills. Visit places like the Logan Antique Mall and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center to find unique treasures and learn more about the area's history.


Relax at Your Accommodation: Check into your cozy cabin or lodge and unwind. Choose a place with amenities like a hot tub or a fireplace to enhance your relaxation.


Dine at a local restaurant, such as the Millstone BBQ, where you can enjoy a hearty and delicious meal.


Wine and Music: Visit one of the local wineries for some wine tasting and live music. Many wineries in the area offer music on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Day 2: Scenic Drives and Unique Attractions


Butterfly Conservation Center: Start your day at the Butterfly Conservation Center. Take a guided tour, explore the one-mile hiking trail, and enjoy the gift shop. It's a beautiful and educational experience.


Pack a picnic lunch: Enjoy it at a scenic spot along America’s Byway. The Byway offers stunning views as you drive through the historic hills of southeast Ohio.


Jack Pine Studios Glass Blowing: Visit Jack Pine Studios to watch glass blowing demonstrations or book a glass blowing class! This unique experience offers a fascinating glimpse into the art of glass blowing, and you can even purchase some beautiful glass pieces.

Late Afternoon:

Robbins Crossing Historic Village: Step back in time at Robbins Crossing Historic Village. Walk through the historic village and see reenactments of what life was like in Southeastern Ohio from 1830 to 1880.


John Glenn Astronomy Park: As night falls, grab a blanket and find a spot for stargazing. The clear skies of Hocking Hills provide a perfect view of the stars. The John Glenn Astronomy Park is open all week, but Fridays and Saturdays have free programs! Just be sure to reserve your free parking pass.

Day 3: History and Fun


Columbus Washboard Factory & Museum:Start your day with a tour of the Columbus Washboard Factory & Museum. It's the last washboard manufacturer in the US. Tour the working factory and visit the on-site museum to learn about this fascinating piece of history.


Local Eatery: Grab a bite at a local café or diner. Enjoy some local flavors and a relaxed atmosphere.


Wormburner Park Golf: Spend the afternoon at Wormburner Park Golf. This fun and simple sport is easy to enjoy and a great way to spend time outdoors without too much exertion.

Late Afternoon:

Conkle’s Hollow Gorge Trail: Take a leisurely walk at Conkle’s Hollow Gorge Trail. It's one of the deepest gorges in Ohio, offering breathtaking views and a peaceful atmosphere. The trail is flat and paved making it an excellent option for anyone.


Final Night Feast: The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is known for its fine dining experience. Celebrate the end of a wonderful trip with a delicious meal.

The Best Time To Visit: Midweek Travel

Traveling to Hocking Hills mid-week is the ultimate hack for an unforgettable adventure! Imagine having those stunning trails and breathtaking waterfalls almost to yourself—no need to elbow your way through crowds or wait for the perfect photo op. Activity attractions typically have more availability and you can have your pick of times! Plus, lodging options are more readily available and often cheaper, so you can snag that dreamy cabin with a hot tub without breaking the bank. Restaurants and local attractions are less crowded, giving a more relaxed vibe. Mid-week travel lets you soak in the natural beauty and tranquility of Hocking Hills without the hustle and bustle—it's like having a slice of paradise all to yourself!

Conkle's Hollow

Additional Tips

The BEST time to visit Hocking Hills is during the weekdays when the crowds at the Hocking Hills State Parks and restaurants are at their lowest.

-Wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water.

- Check the weather before heading out each day and dress accordingly.

 Reserve activities, dinner reservations, and accommodations in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Enjoy your trip to Hocking Hills! It will be a peaceful, memorable adventure filled with natural wonders, leisure activities, and great shopping.


Posted: June 18, 2024