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How to Plan a Quintessential Hocking Hills Trip

Are you ready to plan your trip to the Hocking Hills? Get all of the help you need right here. 

Planning a trip to the Hocking Hills can be overwhelming. There are so many things to see and do! Knowing just what to pick to plan the perfect vacation can be hard.

If you need help narrowing it down to plan the quintessential Hocking Hills trip, we’re here to help you. Just follow these steps to have your best trip ever:

Choose a Date

The most important step is finding the right date for your trip. We always suggest going midweek to avoid the crowds. You are also more likely to find deals on places to stay and things to do if you go midweek.

You should also check out our signature events and events calendar. From trail runs to festivals, there are a lot of events going on year round in the Hocking Hills, and you can use our calendar to find exactly the kind of event you’d like to attend. And then you can plan your trip around it.

Pick an Accommodation 

Something we hear a lot is that there are so many different ways to stay in the Hocking Hills. That’s absolutely true, and it can make it hard to narrow down to just one. How can you choose between a yurt and a treehouse?

Try the Availability Search. You can search based on dates and amenities you need. So instead of being overwhelmed by all of your choices, you can zero in on the spots that will really work for your particular trip.

Plan Your Hikes

If there is one thing you have to do when you’re in the Hocking Hills, it’s a hike. It’s the best way to see the natural beauty and waterfalls in the area.

Don’t think a hike is for you? There are lots of easy hikes and hikes that are great for kids.

And if you are looking for more of a challenge, you can find that here as well.

Everyone can be hiker in the Hocking Hills, no matter what your capabilities are.

Take a Tour

Want to see even more of the Hocking Hills? Then hop on one of the local tours. These aren’t the kind of tours where you walk around while listening to someone drone on.

You can zipline through the trees. Or maybe take a Segway out through the terrain. Or see all of the beauty from a canoe. Or hop in your car to see the area on one of our self-driving tours. Or...

There are so many fun and unique ways to tour the Hocking Hills. You’ll have to plan multiple trips to try them all.

Download Our Visitors Guide

Of course, one of the best ways to plan your quintessential Hocking Hills trip is by using our visitors guide. It’s full of what’s new and exciting in the area and can help you find exactly what you need.

And be sure to sign up for enewsletter as well to get the latest news on the area, as well as the deals you need to know about.

If you still need help planning your trip, give us a call at 1-800-HOCKING. We can help make your trip unforgettable.

Posted: June 19, 2019
Categorized Under: Summer