Why You Should Explore the Hocking Hills During the Week

Why You Should Explore the Hocking Hills During the Week

So you've decided to plan a trip to the Hocking Hills. You've got your visitor guide and have picked out all of the places you want to go. You're on our enewsletter so you know the latest deals and happenings in our area. All you have to do next is plan when. 

You're probably thinking a weekend trip is the best option, right? Maybe not.

We get it. You don't want to take time off of work to come during the week. But maybe you should. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should get to the Hocking Hills during the week:

More Cabins and Deals to Choose From

There is just something cozy about a Hocking Hills cabin. And everyone has a different idea of what the perfect cabin looks like. Whether you need a king-sized bed, a hot tub or a fireplace, the truth is that you have a lot of choices. 

But cabins book up on the weekend and you just won't have the choices you do during the week. So if you truly want your perfect cabin, it is more likely available during the week. 

And speaking of accommodations, it is easier to find a deal if you stay during the week. Most of the current deals on our website are for weekday deals. So if you want to find your perfect cabin at the right price, try staying during the week. 

Have the Trails to Yourself

On the weekends, you have to share trails with the many visitors that come to our area. That can be fun, but there really is something about coming to the Hocking Hills to get away from it all. 

If that is your goal, you'll find that with a weekday stay. 

And when you don't have to share the trails, you have a greater sense of calm that you can bring with you when you go home. You also can take the time to marvel at just how amazing the waterfalls, caves and nature truly is here. And is there anything better than taking a slower pace when you're on vacation? 

Become Better at Your Job

In this economy, everyone feels like they constantly have to be on and constantly working. Vacation days are left on the table and it becomes a recipe for burnout. 

By taking those vacation days, you allow yourself to think about something that isn't your job. You allow yourself to reconnect with your loved ones. And you allow your brain to simply wander as it takes in all of the natural beauty of the area. 

And that distance from your job will give your brain the chance to think about your work problems in a different and more creative way. That will give you the opportunity to come back as a stronger and better worker. 

Are you ready to plan your Hocking Hills vacation during the week?