Driving the Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills Road Tour

The Hocking Hills are a perfect place for a Sunday Drive! Whether you show off a classic muscle car or antique Model T, feel the wind in your face on a motorcycle or just want load up the family mini-van, the Hills offer scenic views and winding roads. Even Car and Driver Magazine recognizes the fact and often brings cars here to test drive as its "Midwestern driving roads of choice".

Hocking Hills visitor centerThe Ohio Scenic Byway has a portion through the area or we have created several routes on our own. 

Whether you're looking for a quick trip or turning your drive into a weekend adventure, come experience the exhilaration of driving the Hocking Hills.

You can download our driving tour maps below or visit the welcome center to pick one up in person.

 Voted One of the Top Scenic Autumn Drives by USAToday readers!




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