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Love Hocking Hills - Visit Responsibly


Do you Love Hocking Hills?

Learn about how you can be a responsible adventurer by clicking here. There you will learn about 12 principles that will help protect the Hocking Hills State Park for generations to come! By working together, we can continue to enjoy the Hocking Hills State Park without endangering the flora and fauna, wildlife, and ourselves. Another way to Love Hocking Hills is to take the pledge below:


The Love Hocking Hills Pledge:

I will do my homework and visit prepared.

I will dress for the trail and not the catwalk.

I will stay on the trails at ALL times.

I will etch my memory, not the trees or caves.

I will take only pictures and leave only footprints.

I will remain in one piece by leaving wildlife in peace.

I will scoop the poop, pick up after my pooch, and carry it out.

I will play nice with fellow visitors.

I will camp only on permitted surfaces and be responsible for my campfire.

I will be part of the solution, not the pollution.

Take the pledge at the link below to be sent a FREE sticker

and to show your love! 

Did you know? 

  • All accidental fatalities at the Hocking Hills State Park are due to hikers going off trail. The trails are marked for safe hiking, and due to the terrain, the park is known for, going off trail can quickly lead to danger.
  • Picking up after your pet and taking the bag to a proper trash receptacle is an easy way to keep the park enjoyable for everyone! 
  • While the waterfalls and pools of water look awesome, going into them is dangerous and hurts the ecosystem. Think about all the small fish and organisms that are hurt by people disrupting their homes! In addition, not just water comes down from the waterfalls. Rocks, branches, and sticks are known to come down the falls and can injure people below. The waterfalls, pools of water, and creeks are off-trail, and you can be cited for being in them. 
  • The most common litter found by naturalists is coins thrown into the water. These don't provide good luck but do harm the ecosystem of the water. Please be part of the solution by not littering with coins, diapers, water bottles, and other trash. If you bring it into the park, bring it out! :) 

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