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Sweet Cabins LLC

These aren’t kits, folks! All of our cabins are finished with a beautifully textured, high-quality Eastern White Pine siding, put up in a true Board and Batten style. We’ll build your cabin shell up to 30 feet wide and as long as you wish, with any number of porches, including wraparound and closed-in. Two-story models include a set of stairs up to a full second floor or loft. Inside, it’s a wide open space, ready for your room divisions, electric, plumbing, insulation, etc. You’ll be able to finish the interior just as you wish after we’re out of your hair! A typical cabin shell is hand-built in just four to six days! We pride ourselves in being a SMALL, family run operation, grounded with integrity and all the values and kindness that’ll remind ya of the good ol’ days. We can help get you to the good life on nature’s doorstep and back to the life you deserve. Be sure to check us out at to learn more about our AFFORDABLE, Amish built Sweet Cabins, then give us a call at 740-541-9639 to start planning YOUR Sweet Cabin!

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