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Romance in the Hocking Hills

Whether it's a new romance or you're trying to bring the spark back to an old relationship, there are so many ways to find love in the Hocking Hills. 

Love is in the air in the Hocking Hills!

From the beautiful scenery to the wonderful people visiting our area, it's so easy to fall in love while you are here. And that's why it makes for such a great romantic destination. 

So whether you want to snuggle up or get out and explore, here's how to be romantic in the Hocking Hills:

Build a Fire in a Cabin

It's chilly out and if that makes you want to curl up inside, there is no better way to do that than in a cabin. Just imagine a lightly falling snow as you stare out the window with the one you love, all toasty around a fire. Or maybe enjoying a hot tub. Or cuddling in bed. There's just something cozy and romantic about enjoying this winter weather from a Hocking Hills cabin. 

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Enjoy a Special Romantic Dinner

The Hocking Hills has so many great restaurants. And restaurants, like the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls' Kindred Spirits, have  special romantic menus to enjoy with the one you love.  The perfect meal, candlelight and the glow of your partner... You just can't get much better than that. 

Check out all of the local restaurants you have to choose from. 

Split a Bottle of Wine

What goes great with that perfect meal? A bottle of wine, of course. Local wineries, like the Hocking Hills Winery, offer you the chance to get a taste of why wine in the Hocking Hills is so special. Relax while you listen to live music or take a bottle home to enjoy in your cabin. 

Take a look at our local wineries and breweries to find your perfect bottle. 

Get Your Heart Racing on a Trail

Is there anything better than exploring with your partner on one of our many local trails? You'll get to look at waterfalls to your heart's content and just fall in love with the beauty that surrounds you. It is such an amazing bonding activity that you two will remember for years to come. 

Check out all of the trails you can explore with your loved one. 

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Posted: February 13, 2019
Categorized Under: Winter