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Our Practical Guide to Winter Gear for the Hocking Hills

Photo by: @_ph_an_

Wondering how to best prepare for a winter hike in Hocking Hills? 

Don't worry! By following some basic steps you can start your hike like a pro. Below are our best suggestions for how to prepare for winter in the Hocking Hills. Crampons and hiking poles are a MUST with the icy conditions during the winter. The rest are some pro-tips with things you likely already own. 


Hiking Boots

One of the most important things to consider when getting ready for a hike is footwear. Shoes with traction are the best way to keep yourself safe. If you don't have a pair of hiking boots, don't worry! A good pair of tennis shoes will do the trick. Here is an example of a quality hiking boot.


Crampons/Shoe Spikes for Ice 

The beauty of the winter in the Hocking Hills is out of this world. We hope you can experience all of the ice and snow but want you to be safe. Crampons are a MUST for winter in the Hocking Hills. Check here for an example of crampons.


Dress in Layers

The caves have their own micro-climates which it is typically much cooler once you start getting into the different terrain. If it is cold when you start the trail, it will be colder when you get down into the hike. The best way to accommodate this is to wear layers! Sweat-wicking base layers help keep you warm and leggings or long johns under your pants can help keep your lower half toasty warm. Thick socks are also highly encouraged.

Warm Gloves

Leave fashion gloves at home and throw on a pair of warm insulated gloves. Your hands will thank you! Pro Tip: if you tend to get chilly hands normally, toss a pair of hot hands in with your gloves to keep them toasty warm. (You can also put them in your socks!) 



Pack your favorite reusable water bottle! Pro-tip: tuck your waterbottle into your jacket to prevent it from freezing on longer hikes. 


Hiking Poles

Hiking poles with a solid foundation on the bottom for extra support in icy areas. These are a MUST for hiking this winter!


Posted: December 07, 2022