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How to Create a Personal Retreat in the Hocking Hills

Meet yourself again on a personal retreat in the Hocking Hills. 

Yet another notification beeps on your phone. You're scrambling to meet a deadline for work. Your kids are having another fight. 

Whatever the reason, the truth is that you're frazzled. You don't even know what quiet sounds like anymore. And all of the energy you need to get through the day has been drained from you. It's a recipe for disaster. 

Before you fall off the cliff of modern world craziness, maybe it's time to press pause. Maybe it's time to plan your own personal retreat in a place where you can shut your phone off without any guilt. 

Pick a Place to Stay

The first step in getting away from it all for your own personal retreat is to pick a place to stay. To be honest, we all have our own personal musts. Do you need a hot tub? Perhaps you need internet just in case? Or maybe you want to go fully rustic? 

Your first step is to use our Availability Search. Put in your dates and requirements, and you will get a list of accommodations that fit your needs. It's the perfect way to narrow down to exactly where you want to stay for your retreat. 

Plan a Trip to the Spa

After so many days/months/years hunched over a desk, your muscles ache and need some relief. That's why no personal retreat is complete without a trip to the spa. Get your muscles the attention they need and get pampered with a number of other treatments with one of our local spas.  

And to really give yourself the pampering your body needs, consider a little gentle yoga, which you can find at some of our spas. 

Go for a Hike

There's nothing better for quieting your mind than a hike in nature. There is something about how big the trees are and how intricate the rock formations are that just make you realize that the world is so much larger than you've ever imagined. That realization can have a powerful effect. 

If you're on a personal retreat, the best thing to do is to keep it as an easy hike. You don't need to challenge yourself to be in absolute awe of the Hocking Hills. 

Just Be

The best part of a personal retreat in the Hocking Hills is that you can easily get away from everything. You can get away from the internet, phones and every other constant modern life notification that fills your life. You can discover who you really are again and get to know that person. And then you can just be yourself again. It can be a very beautiful thing. 

Posted: March 20, 2019
Categorized Under: Winter