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5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Hocking Hills

Don't let the heat get to you! Try these ways to escape the heat in the Hocking Hills. 

It’s July. The sun is shining. And the temperature has gone way up. 

Does this heat make you want to stay indoors with the air conditioning way up? Just waiting for the temperature to go down? 

Don’t do that! There are plenty of things that you can do both indoors and out that won’t let the heat overwhelm you. Just check out these five favorites: 

Get on the trail

Yes, we think you should still get out hiking! Many of our trails are shaded making them much cooler than you would think on those hot and humid days. So don’t skip out on seeing our beautiful rock formations and waterfalls. Just put on the sunscreen and explore. 

Go to a museum

But if you must stay indoors, why not explore one of our local museums? You can do everything from exploring how glass is made to washboards. Or you can bring the kids for an interactive adventure at AHA! A Hands-on Adventure Children’s Museum. You can have loads of fun while learning something new at our museums. 

See the stars

As day turns into night and the temperatures cool down, why not get out to see the stars? The John Glenn Astronomy Park will give you a view unlike any you have seen. And seeing these stars will make any astronomy nerd happy or ignite the love of the stars in the next generation. 

Get in the water

Nothing will cool you off than a splish splash into the water. And there are so many water activities you can do here! Paddle around in a kayak. Or try to reach the heights on a jet pack. The choices are endless. So pack your bathing suit and prepare for lots of fun in the water. 

Plan a spa day

There is something about those hot days that make you not want to move. So why fight it? Go all out with a spa day. Relax with everything from a massage to a facial. And when you have a spa day in the Hocking Hills, you can be guaranteed you will have a memorable experience in a unique location. 

How are you cooling off in this heat?

Posted: July 10, 2019
Categorized Under: Summer