This Scenic Summer Drive Through Hocking Hills is Unforgettable

Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

Hocking Hills isn't just home to gorgeous waterfalls and trials. In fact, it is universally known for its gorgeous roadways and scenic routes. 

The Scenic Byway has been recognized by serious roadsters like the magazine Car and Driver Magazine, which deemed the roadway as its "Midwestern driving road of choice," and USA TODAY, voting it as one of the top autumn drives in the country! 

Luckily, with gorgeous summer weather, you can take that car for a spin along the curves of the hills or get a real feel for the outdoors with the wind brushing by on that brand new motorcycle. 

The Ohio Scenic Byway includes parts of the hills driving through in portions. Or, there are also several routes remaining in the hills recognized for their beauty created stemming from the Byway. 

The ride can be a relaxing gaunt or a thrilling and exhilarating adventure while driving through the Hocking Hills any day of the week! 

Maps are available for download or pick up at Hocking Hills Welcome Centers. 

A word to the wise, though tempting, it's important to stay safe while on the roads and mind the speed. There are multiple blind spots, entryways and sudden curves or turns along the way. The routes and their unpredictability make them entirely thrilling and challenging enough (even for the most experienced roadster) without pushing those speedometers.