What is the Hocking Hills?

Hocking Hills Upper Falls

Have you ever looked at pictures of the Hocking Hills and thought, "Is this really in Ohio?" Or maybe you've wondered how all of this other worldly beauty came to be while you were exploring.

The first question is easy. The Hocking Hills is indeed in Ohio. It's located in southeastern Ohio and is just a short drive away from Columbus. To truly believe those pictures you've seen online, you really have to make that drive and see it in person. 

Now, the question of how the area came to be is a much longer question. 

The Hocking Hills Used to Be Underwater

Yes, you read that right. 330 million years ago, this area was covered by the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean receded and a slowly melting glacier went to work. It created rivers, waterfalls, caves and gorges. Did you know a glacier could do all of that? 

Luckily, the Hocking Hills State Park includes much of that glacier's work, and you're able to hike and see many of this natural beauty throughout our region. 

The Hocking Hills was Named After a River

A lot of the Hocking Hills' history is linked to water, so it seems fitting that its name is also linked to water. The Native Americans called our river Hockinghocking River or Bottle River. The name stuck until it was eventually shortened to Hocking River, and it's where the region eventually received its name. 

Nowadays, that river is used for kayaking, fishing and more. 

Why Should I Visit? 

It might be shorter to answer this question with why you shouldn't visit this area. It's the perfect getaway when you truly want to get away from it all. 

From hiking the many local trails to gazing at the stars at John Glenn Astronomy Park, this is area provides many opportunities to marvel at nature and see all of that work that glacier did many, many years ago. 

Our area brags everything from cabins to yurts, so you can spend lots of time experiencing the beauty of the area. And you can do everything from rustic lodgings to something a bit more luxurious. There truly is something for everyone here. 

So are you planning your trip yet?