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Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Getaway in Hocking Hills, OH

Bringing your kiddos to the Hocking Hills? Check out our best tips below!

Are you wishing you could get away with your whole family? Hoping to get away from electronics?  We get it! Welcome to the Hocking Hills! With so many fun activities, it's easy to plan a kid-friendly trip to the Hocking Hills. And we promise that no one is going to miss their devices with all of the the fun sights to see. 


When to Come

Our BIGGEST tip is to plan ahead and go during the weekdays! These are the times that the parks and attractions are the least busy and you will have more options and opportunities. If you do come on the weekend, go to the parks early or late. Midday is when they are the busiest. But the most important tip is to plan ahead and schedule the attractions you want to see/do. 


Take a Hike

You might think hiking is too hard for kids. Think again!

The Hocking Hills has many shorter, easier trails that perfect to bring your little ones on. Whether you're carrying your toddler or letting your kids hike along with you, you have many trail options to check out here.

A favorite family trail is Cedar Falls. As you're hiking to the falls, you will feel like you are in another world, and have plenty of chances to see wildlife swimming around. Once you get there, you will have a spectacular view of the falls and plenty of room for your kids to run off some extra energy. 

Courtesy of the Historical Society

Go to a Museum

If the weather isn't cooperating, you can always take the fun indoors. 

The Hocking Hills has museums dedicated to everything from pencil sharpeners to washboards. Your kids will have lots of chances to learn something new. 

And don't forget to make a stop at the Logan Welcome Center to pic up your copy of Mother Nature's Classroom, a packet of activities for kids.

Zip Along

During the warmer months, one of the more fun ways to see the area is from a zipline. Did you know the Hocking Hills is home to a zipline just for kids?

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours has the DragonFly. It's specifically designed for kids aged five to twelve. So they can have all the fun of ziplining, but at a level perfect for kids. 

See the Stars

The perfect way to end a day exploring is with a stop at one of our newest attractions: the John Glenn Astronomy Park

Here your kids can discover the wonders of the universe as they look to the skies. It's the perfect place to learn about stars and encourage little budding astronomers to discover stars and planets that they never knew existed.

Keep it Sweet and Simple

Don't forget to grab all the makings for s'mores or hot chocolate. And that just sit back and enjoy a little something sweet with your family. After a day exploring in the Hocking Hills, you all will be full of stories to share around a fire. This is the perfect place to remember that the perfect place is when you are together. 

Posted: June 01, 2021
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