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Hiking with Kids in the Hocking Hills

Want to bring your entire family along on a hiking adventure? Check out these two trails in the Hocking Hills.

The weather is warming up, green and blooms are popping up all over the Hocking Hills and unsurprisingly, everyone is ready to get out to explore. And because of that, we are having one question pop up a lot right now: What are the best trails for kids?

Of course the answer to that question varies. Older kids might enjoy a bit of a challenge, whereas younger kids need something short and easy. 

Regardless of abilities, we do have two trails in the Hocking Hills that are great for everyone. And they even work for any strollers you might need!

Conkle's Hollow

Conkle's Hollow

Conkle's Hollow's Gorge Trail is a beautiful trail in the spring. The trail is paved with a few bridges, making it ideal for easy hiking. If you think you can't see much on a paved trail, you haven't been here. The trail takes you along a winding creek and you can spot some smaller waterfalls as well. As you walk along the rock walls surround you and before you know it, you feel like you are in a whole other world. There are plenty of things for tiny eyes while not tiring out those tiny feet. 

Ash Cave

Ash Cave is another beautiful paved trail. You start off with a lot of greenery and then suddenly you find yourself in Ash Cave with its beautiful browns and sandy floor. The waterfall here comes down in spectacular fashion with water pooling below. This large cave allows for plenty of running around for curious, active kids, while still providing amazing views. This is another short hike that provides a wonderful payoff, as well as plenty of things to see on the way. There's definitely no chance of boredom here. 

Looking for a more challenging family hike? Check out our hiking adventures to find the perfect trail. 

Posted: April 30, 2019
Categorized Under: Outdoor Activity