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Free Things to Do in the Hocking Hills

Looking for a way to not break the budget on your next vacation? Check out all of the free things to do in the Hocking Hills. 

When it comes to budget-friendly vacations, it just does not get better than the Hocking Hills. There are just so many free things to do here! And when you are vacationing with your family, this is super important.

So when you are planning your next vacation in the Hocking Hills, be sure to check out some of this free fun.


Yes, hiking! Whether you are bringing your kids along or are looking to challenge yourself, there is every kind of hike in the Hocking Hills. And the best part? The amazing scenery. Our hikes include the most amazing waterfalls and rock formations you have ever seen.

So if you’re worried that your family might get bored from free fun, don’t be. It doesn’t matter if you are on a paved trail or one of our more challenging trails, you will have plenty to see that will keep the entire family entertained.

And be sure to keep an eye on our calendar of events for opportunities to hike with a group.

Learn Something

It’s hard to believe, but you absolutely can learn something new in the Hocking Hills for free.

One of our favorite ways is a stop at the Naturalist Cabin. You can learn about the critters that call our area home and ask the naturalist any questions you might have. There are regular programs at the cabin that focus on a topic that will keep the young and the old interested.

Some of our museums, such as the Pencil Sharpener Museum, are also free and provide you the chance to learn something new as well.


It’s the season for many great festivals and that means even more free things to do!

Festivals like the Washboard Music Festival are a great way to see some free entertainment. Plus, the Columbus Washboard Company opens up its factory tours for free during the music festival, which gives you a chance to see something truly unique being made right here in the Hocking Hills.

Check our calendar of events for upcoming festivals you just have to get to.


As a society, we tend to be so focused on trying to do as much as possible. But sometimes the best thing to do is to just stop and relax.

Make a stop at the Lake Logan State Park beach and just be for the day. Your kids can run around playing while you’re sitting in your beach chair watching them. It’s the perfect way to recharge for the hecticness of everyday life.

Still looking for something to do? We have a list of all of the ways you can have free fun in the Hocking Hills.


Posted: May 15, 2019