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Discover romance with a Hocking Hills getaway

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be Hallmark cards and over-priced roses


Photo by @stefffgeorge via Instagram

You could never leave the cabin during your Hocking Hills getaway and still have The. Most. Romantic. Weekend. Ever. Picture this: A warm fire, snowflakes lazily drifting to the ground outside, two mugs of piping hot coffee, two sticky buns, and a blanket big enough for two.

Of course, you could also leave the cabin, hit the trails, and end up with an entire portfolio of jealousy-inducing, so-romantic-it-hurts Instagrams. (Your friends might need to unfollow you for a minute. Just saying.)

For all the reasons you might want to consider a Hocking Hills getaway in your quest for the most romantic Ohio adventure yet, whether for Valentine’s Day or beyond, read on.

Ideal for idle cuddling.


Photo by @bpacer06 via Instagram

Roses are red, rosés are pale pink, and go great with Roquefort cheese and a favorite blanket. Place blanket on the hill overlooking Lancaster, at Rising Park, or a different kind of blanket on the couch by the fireplace at your cabin. A dozen rosés is probably too many, though.

Conversation comes easy at Rockmill Brewery.


Photo by @mcinnesm13 via Instagram

Try their handcrafted small-batch beers and keep an eye out for Warren Taylor, the mad dairy genius from Snowville Creamery, up the road in Pomeroy … it’s said he likes to cut a rug there on occasion. (Sustainable agriculture is sexy, too.)

Waterfalls = great selfies.

Photo by @sierraelizabethh via Instagram

Chances are good you and your beau can find a beautiful waterfall and have it all to yourself — at least for a little while. A word of warning: watch your step.

Horses are weirdly romantic.

A trail ride with Equestrian Ridge Farms near sunset is a great precursor to log cabin romance.

Winding roads force you to slow down.

Remember when you liked driving? Extra points for old pickups with bench seats … you’re in the country, after all.

Soak in the bubbly.

Hot tubs are steamy, and you can scarcely throw a bouquet of roses without hitting an outdoor hot tub with a gorgeous view. (They’re great for saddle sore muscles, too.)

Selfie season’s upon us.


Photo by @k_carnahan via Instagram

Waterfall selfies pair well with orchard selfies, and berries have their own allure. Get your apples and peaches from Laurelville Fruit Farm, or venture out to the Lickrun Berry Patch to pick your own blackberries. A couple pints and some Bisquick gets you homemade fresh cobbler back at the cabin. (Just about nothing quickens the pulse like blackberry cobbler.)

A captive audience makes for a superior serenade.

Ukuleles are a great fit with a rental canoe at beautiful Lake Logan — paddle the edges quietly and watch for the abundant wildlife.

Wine. Need we say more?

Wine ’em and … well, just wine ’em at any of the numerous wineries in the Hills. We've written a whole guide on southeastern Ohio wineries, so this is a great place to start if you're like to read more.

But if you want to dine ...

Gourmet quality food surrounded by breathtaking nature — one of the quintessential experiences of the area, make a reservation at The Inn at Cedar Falls. Bring your expectations, as the Inn’s restaurant serves up some of the finest fare in the Hocking Hills region.

With a menu crafted by renowned local chef Anthony Schultz, this cozy-yet-classy restaurant is worth a trip to the area all by itself. Make sure to make a reservation if you go at dinner, though — while far from crowded, the secret is out.

Posted: February 03, 2016
Categorized Under: Outdoor Activity