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Four ways to find the perfect Hocking Hills cabin

Whether you’re looking for a cheap place to stay or space for a large group, there are Hocking Hills cabins for every need and desire.

Hocking Hills cabins are, rightly, famous: fireplaces, fire pits, hot tubs, and access to the greatest hiking and sightseeing in the Midwest. However, not everyone knows just how many hospitality options there are in the area.

A stay at Crooked Creek Oasis is ideal for a romantic retreat, a family getaway, or for hunters.

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The Hocking Hills are for lovers, but not just lovers … or corporate retreats or fishing trips. The truth is, the variety of rental options in the area — from cabins to campgrounds to cottages — is nothing short of staggering. It’s not hard to find yourself dizzied by the array of options after making a simple Google search.

So how do you sort through the search results and give yourself the best possibility of finding the Hocking Hills cabin, cottage or campground that’s perfect for you?

Four ways you can find the perfect Hocking Hills cabin.


1. Don’t rely on Google to book your Hocking Hills cabin.

Our Hocking Hills Lodging Availability Search is a better option. Google knows there’s camping in the area, but it doesn’t know what kind of trip you want to take. Our search tool allows you to apply filters to the lodging options, so instead of simply scrolling down a list many pages long, you’ll be presented with the options that are already closest to being right for you.


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2. Let Hocking Hills Tourism Association do the work for you.

Prefer to talk to a person? The official Hocking Hills Welcome Center is manned with our friendly travel counselors waiting to help you. They know the area and, when you tell them what you are looking for, they can help you find it. Or, if you have your heart set on a place that’s already booked, they will know similar places and be able to steer you in the right direction. Just give us a call at 740-385-9706 or 1-800-Hocking (462-5464).

3. When it comes to cabin choices, the options are endless.

Does a swimming pool sound more like your number than a dip in a lake? Or are you more at ease sleeping under the stars and consider even a tent restrictive? Do you want a romantic and cozy cottage or a larger cabin for you and a group of friends?

Whatever your preferred level of adventure, someone in the Hocking Hills is ready to cater to it. It’s best to decide what you’re looking for ahead of time. When deciding what your ideal situation is, be sure to consider factors such as who’s coming with you (any elderly or disabled guests? What about your furry pals?) and extraneous factors, such as inclement weather.

It’s best to list your needs and desires before you begin searching, and to make sure your fellow adventurers all have similar levels of … well, adventurousness.

In the Hocking Hills, you can stay in every kind of dwelling from a hotel to a tent, a cabin to a yurt, a bed-and-breakfast, tee-pee, or even a country inn. Really, there's no end to your options (unless you want to sleep in a caboose).

4. Come again and enjoy cabin discounts and perks.

Some companies providing visitors with cabins and other rentals offer discounts for regular customers. When you call to book your stay, ask whether there’s a rewards program you can take advantage of.

Some of them work through referrals, so, if you recommend friends, you end up with a reduced price on your next visit — sometimes, if you refer enough friends, you’ll get comped a night free of charge.

Other companies will offer hot deals on packages, and many offer bundled deals that include activities such as horseback riding or zipline tours, or even in-house massage or gourmet meals. Many companies also offer discounts, some significant, for weekday stays or off-peak season visits — use this to your advantage.

These are great deals to mention to whoever is helping you book your trip, whether you’re calling the company or the Welcome Center. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Whether you’re looking for ideas to plan the perfect retreat in Hocking Hills or are interested in planning a fairytale bachelorette party, Hocking Hills cabins can meet any needs you might have. Looking for lakeside or creekside cabins? What about campgrounds? During the winter? On a budget? We’ve got Hocking Hills lodging options.

You might also want to consider visiting Hocking Hills during the week.

Ready to book your Hocking Hills cabin?

Get started on narrowing your search with our Availability Search tool. Or get in touch with one of our travel counselors for help picking the right cabin, cottage or campground. Simply call 740-385-9706 or 1-800-Hocking (462-5464) during business hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Posted: March 22, 2016
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