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My Hocking Hills: Michelle Peters

Want recommendations for the Hocking Hills from a photographer that loves exploring the area? Check out what Michelle Peters has to say. 

Michelle PetersThere are so many wonderful photographers that love to visit the Hocking Hills. With the beautiful rock formations and gorgeous waterfalls, it's not all that surprising that we attract some of the best photographers trying to get that perfect photo. 

One of those photographers is Michelle Peters. She has a knack for capturing those waterfalls in a way very few can. And her eye for composition has always made her a favorite on Instagram. 

We asked her to tell us a little bit about her Hocking Hills:

Why do you love the Hocking Hills: It’s just a short distance from the city to get back to nature.

What do you love to capture in the Hocking Hills: The waterfalls.

Favorite trail: Old Man’s Cave

Favorite place to stay: Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls. It’s close to everything. Has a restaurant on site. Several options for lodging. And a spa!!

Favorite place to eat: Kindred Spirits - open to the public as well as Inn guests. The food is delicious.

Your best Hocking Hills photography tip: Go early and always take your tripod.

What else should people know: Rain or shine it’s always beautiful.

Posted: August 12, 2019