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Layer-up on hikes near Hocking Hills this fall

Wear this, not that: What to bring on the trail

What to take on hikes near Hocking Hills ranges from gear to the clothes, all of which is dependent upon the conditions and duration of the hike. More often than not, hikes near Hocking Hills last only a few hours. Before heading out on any planned hikes near Hocking Hills this fall, become familiar with the weather forecasts, trail maps and this comprehensive list.

When it comes to wardrobe, a good rule for hikes near Hocking Hills during the fall is to layer. More importantly, however, is the material of said layers. From weather-wicking items like Techwick and merino wool to pants versus shorts, we’ll rundown the ideal getup for fall hikes near Hocking Hills.

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Baseball caps and wide-brimmed hats are a great way to protect your face — and head for you shorthaired hikers — from the sun. More than that though, a hat that is both brimmed and moisture-resistant is versatile through wind, rain or shine. Try a wide-brimmed hat, like the boonie hat, to shield you from sunlight and precipitation. True to form, you can layer headgear as well. Try a BuffⓇ: This piece can be worn five different ways to shield your head, neck and face from the elements, while being thin enough to be worn underneath its brimmed counterpart.

Shirts, jackets and coats

The key to hiking during cooler seasons is layers. Start with a lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt, then add either a fleece, weather-resistant jacket, or both! Another alternative to fleece is merino wool — this natural alternative keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. As you hike you get warmer, so bring a backpack to stash any of these layers if you get too warm. Same goes if you come wearing just the shirt, fleece or merino wool — pack the weather-resistant jacket in case it rains, after all it is Ohio weather.


You’ll want to wear pants instead of shorts, not just because of the cool autumn air but also to protect yourself from harmful vegetation that could inflict scratches and/or rashes. The best type of pants to wear on long hikes near Hocking Hills are lightweight, durable and moisture-wicking. Denim, though durable, doesn’t dry easily, so you’ll want to avoid wearing jeans in order to stay warm. The ideal hiking pant is made up of synthetic material, such as polyester, nylon or spandex. Depending on the day’s temperatures, you can wear a tight-fitting option underneath looser-fitted pants to provide extra warmth and variety — both of which should be breathable and quick-to-dry.

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Socks and shoes

Which shoes you’ll want to wear depend on the trail. If the trail is relatively smooth and defined, hiking shoes are a good choice, while hiking boots are best for dense and muddy trails. Tennis shoes are OK if you’re:

    1. Not hiking for a long duration


    1. Not carrying a heavy pack or extra gear


    1. A seasoned hiker; i.e., you have built-up foot, ankle and calf strength

If the terrain is rocky, choose boots that are higher up on the ankle to provide more support. The right shoes don’t matter though if you have the wrong socks — like the other articles of clothing mentioned, choose socks that are thick and keep moisture away from your feet.

Equipment and other hiking gear

We don’t have to use this image in the blog just wanted to use it since I reference the film in the paragraph below. Thanks!

Now, we don’t expect you to look like Reese Witherspoon in "Wild," but it’s important to be prepared for a hike. If you’re going to bring more than what you’re wearing, be sure to choose an appropriate backpack. While everyday knapsacks or catch-alls are the more “trendy” option, you want to choose a pack that supports and distributes weight evenly to avoid strain. Experts suggest a backpack with at least two shoulder straps and a waist strap. Some other equipment options to consider include hand warmers, portable tripods, selfie sticks, binoculars, Camelbak water-carrying packs, walking sticks and more. Depending on your carrier, cellphone service is touch-and-go in Hocking Hills, so you might want to bring a traditional compass and map — just in case.

It’s easier to take clothes off than to put clothes on

It may sound cliché but it’s true! (Yes, that means your mother was right.) The key to dressing for hikes near Hocking Hills this fall is to choose layers that keep moisture out, keeping you dry and warm. All-in-all, simply use common sense — be sure to check the weather before leaving the house then dress and pack accordingly.

Posted: November 23, 2015
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