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6 Unexpected Ways to Experience the Hocking Hills

1. Drive The Scenic Byway

Wind your way through the beautiful Hocking Hills on the Scenic Byway. The byway is designed to weave around the many State Parks and breathtaking countryside that the Hocking Hills has to offer. With the tour map you will learn about each stop along the byway! 


2. Tour The Only Washboard Factory in the USA

Tour the only working washboard factory in the USA! The Washboard Factory has tours and you can complete the tour by purchasing your own washboard. Don't forget to take a quick picture with the largest washboard on display outside the factory.

3. Take an Off-Road Segway Tour

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours offers Segway tours in addition to several zip-lining opportunities. Take an off-road Segway for an hour and a half ride through the Hocking Hills. The trail leads to ancient caves, the Hocking River, and beautiful trees. 

4. Feel like Batman with a Slingshot Ride

Feel the cool breeze as you ride around the Hocking Hills in a Polaris Slingshot! These vehicals look like something out of a Batman movie! You'll have the coolest ride in town. 


5. Defrag Your Mind

"Spend the day with Touch the Earth Adventure hiking in the forest writing and reflecting. Included is an opportunity to improve your written expression, followed a cookout and a full moon kayaking, beginning at sunset and returning after dark."


6. Cowboy Cookout

Take a stunning horseback ride into the Hocking Hills with the Spotted Horse Ranch. Ride out to a primitive site for a home-cooked meal made over the fire. This is not an opportunity to be missed! 

Posted: July 19, 2021