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Hocking Hills Through the Ages Part 1

The Hocking Hills are magical for so many people in so many ways. The Hocking Hills Through the Ages project is designed to collect stories and photos that capture the beauty and awe of the Hocking Hills. 

I had looked for Kings Hollow tunnel a few years ago with my mother. Shortly after that trip, she passed away. Last weekend I took a trip back there with a friend of mine who assured me she knew where it was. We found the tunnel...absolutely stunning. But before we got to the tunnel, we managed to get stuck on a hill, in the snow on Lively Rd. With no cell service, all we could do was get out of the car and walk a mile to the closest house. Thankfully, the kind locals helped us get her car turned around without going off the side of the hill!! -Melissa Knight 

I grew up going to Hocking Hills often. The Rose Lake trail is my happy place. When my son turned one, he walked that trail for the first time as we celebrated our family’s very special Hocking tradition of “Cake by the Lake” (yep, someone has to hike carrying a cake.) This photo of him with his dad and grandpa in some of my favorite woods brings me so much joy. -Kelly Recanati

It was my second week back in Columbus after living all over the country for the last 15 years. During those 15 years I told nearly everyone I knew about growing up in Columbus and how beautiful Hocking Hills is, especially in the fall. Pulling out pictures and getting their reaction was the perfect answer to the question “what’s in Ohio? Isn’t it flat?” I decided to take my pup to see if it was like I remembered... it was better! Can’t wait to get back out there!!! -Mitch Burger 

My wife and I fell in love with Hocking Hills when we first visited from Buffalo a few years ago. Without exception, every hike is breathtaking and there are endless places to explore. We've since made it our regular getaway spot. When deciding on where to elope, we knew it had to be amongst one of the stunning backdrops within Hocking Hills. We chose to set out at dawn to the base of the waterfall at Ash Cave where we would share our vows and exchange rings. There was something so special about experiencing the serenity of the moment with only each other, nature, oh and our photographers of course! This picture was taken moments after I got to marry my best friend. -Nate Luciano 

I spent my 30th birthday weekend in a cabin at Hocking Hills in January. Definitely one of Ohio hidden gems! -Dash Marquardt

Posted: March 01, 2021