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Get away on a budget with these Hocking Hills cheap rentals

How to find deals on lodging


Photo by Instagram user @trevlee

If you spent the summer traveling and now find yourself stuck at home — no need to worry. The smart vacationer doesn’t stop going places, she picks the right place to go. A trip to Hocking Hills has been called the “best one-tank-of-gas vacation in Ohio,” and that was before checking out the tips below. For the cheapest Hocking Hills rentals check out the off-season rates, but booking a trip now means you’ll be taking full advantage of the vivid fall colors and fun fall activities. With these tips you can enjoy your last vacation (on a budget!) before winter arrives.

Go rustic


Photo courtesy of Old Man’s Cave Chalets

The fewer amenities you request, the lower your rate. The providers of the rustic cabins at Hocking Hills Adventures make this statement: “If you’re looking for a penthouse suite with 24/7 room service, you won’t find it here … that kind of pampering just isn’t our style.” Read: More fun (and cheaper!). You’ll love finding a cabin nestled in the heart of Hocking Hills — and the savings even more.

Stay longer


Photo by Instagram user @trevlee

Many cabin rental companies offer discounts if you stay three days or longer — so pack your cooler and linger awhile. For many companies, the longer you stay, the more you save (up to 5 to 10 percent off your visit). It may not seem like a lot, but if you’re planning a long trip anyway, pick a place with a discount. Old Man’s Cave Chalets, for instance, offers 10 percent off a seven day stay.

Procrastinate and save


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A lot of companies offer last-minute specials. If the rental companies don’t have them posted on their website, consider calling and asking for an updated quote. Caveman Retreats offers last minute specials, along with Top O’ The Caves, with special rates updated daily.

Go mid-week


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Yes, the Hocking Hills region is known for its low cost anytime you visit, but traveling midweek has a lot of great advantages: from availability to serenity. Understandably, it’s hard to get out of town during the workweek. But if you’ve got those vacation days lined up — now’s a great time to use them. Check out our reasons to explore Hocking Hills midweek.

Pitch a tent


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For a different type of Hocking Hills rental, try a campground. Bundle up, build a fire, and enjoy nature as it was meant to be enjoyed — right under the stars. Many campgrounds have running water, showers, grills, and electricity. Bring an air mattress and you won’t even know the difference between the tent and home — except maybe the sounds of nature at night.

Remember, nature is free!


Photo by Instagram user @trevlee

What seems obvious is a lifesaver to those trying to plan vacations with their family, sweetheart, or best buds. With hundreds of miles of trails in the area, you won’t be without breathtaking views, invigorating hikes, and unforgettable caves. Pack your own lunches and all you’ll need to pay for is your Hocking Hills rental or campground. It’s hard to find anything to do in the city that costs nothing and lasts four hours — with a tour guide! Grandma Gatewood’s fall colors hike will not disappoint.

Lastly, check out our list of Hocking Hills specials coming up. With lodging, canoe, and dining coupons you’ll save even more. Cheers! With these discounts you’ll have plenty of dough to spend on toasts with friends as you hunker down for the winter in the upcoming months.

Posted: October 25, 2015
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