Hocking Hills

Comfort Food Cruise

February 1 & 2 AND 8 & 9, 2014 (All tickets will also be valid for February 8 & 9 due to the Winter Storm on Jan 25 & 26.)

Cruise through the Hocking Hills.  Enjoy the beauty of winter while indulging in some of your favorite comfort foods.  For four days you can taste these dishes all around the region.  Go for the gusto and try to taste all ten in a day or take a leisurely tour and take as long as four days.  Best of all, no need for any guilt.  At the first guilty twinge just stop and take a hike.  In addition to using some of that 'comfort food fuel' you will be treated to a feast for the senses as you pass cave walls covered with ice beards and waterfalls frozen in suspended animation.


Tickets: $15/person.  $5 of every ticket sold will benefit local food pantries.


Tickets available at Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center, 13178 State Route 664 S, Logan.  For more info contact Karen Raymore at kraymore@explorehockinghills.com

or 740-385-2750.

Purchase tickets online!

Your tickets will be sent, along with a map, via USPS.  If you are purchasing tickets close to the dates you plan on cruising your tickets will be available for you to pick up at the Hocking Hills Welcome Center at US 33 & State Route 664 S in Logan.

Along the way you will enjoy


Cinnamon Rolls - The Ridge Inn Restaurant

16178 Pike Street, Laurelville; serving from 8am to 2pm

Biscuits & Gravy - Pearl's

1545 E. Front Street, Logan; serving from 8am to 2pm 

Vegetable Soup - Boot Factory Grill

45 E Canal Street, Nelsonville; serving from 11am to 4pm

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Rhapsody Restaurant

18 Public Square, Nelsonville; serving from 11am to 4pm 

Pizza - Hocking Hills Dining Lodge

20020 State Route 664 S, Logan; serving from 11am to 4pm 

Brownies - Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

21190 State Route 374, Logan; serving from 11am to 4pm 

Mac & Cheese - M&M Family Diner

34 W Main Street, Logan; serving from 10am to 3pm 

Meatloaf - Millstone Southern BBQ

12790 Grey Street, Logan; serving from 11am to 4pm 

Chicken & Dumplings - Olde Dutch Restaurant

12791 State Route 664 S, Logan; serving from 11am to 4pm 

Chocolate Ice Cream - Ralph's Ice Cream

26776 US 33, Rockbridge; serving from 10am to 3pm