With millions of visitors a year, it's amazing how many individuals are able to capture the beauty of Hocking Hills through their own perspective.

Take advantage of fall fun and all its colors at Hocking Hills with these events, activities and things to do.

The pros at Hocking Hills took a look at some of the most common questions submitted online and provided their answers to help visitors get the most out of their visit.  Still have a question? Submit on social or in the comments section. 

Celebrate the beginning of Fall with live music, classic cafes, local bars and more in the heart of Hocking Hills, Historic Downtown Logan. 

Figuring out the best time to visit Hocking Hills and see the fall colors isn't an exact science. Still, specialists have taken on the challenge to help travelers get the best view. Find out the best time to visit the Hills this fall and which seasonal activities -- from horseback riding to hot air balloon rides -- can make the view once in a lifetime.

From Pencil Sharpener Museums to the only Washboard Factory in the United States, Hocking Hills is home to some unique and quirky quick stops in Southern Ohio. 

Looking for an adventure for the family or the crew this Labor Day Weekend? These Hocking Happenings and special events may be the answer. 

Get creative and learn more about Hocking Hills' new visitor center, art shop and workshop hub in downtown Logan.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we found out what the men had to say about getting married in the hills.Now that they’re living #HockingHappilyEverAfter with their gorgeous brides, these five guys were more than happy to share all the lovely (and sappy) details, right down to how they met their Valentine and the love of their life, and the day they finally said " ...

Hiatus. Escape. Freedom. The great outdoors.Sounds good right about now, doesn’t it?But it isn’t that easy, right? There’s bills to pay. Friends and family depending on you. Not to mention your job.But what if someone told you there’s a way to incorporate that dream of peace, silence and rejuvenation into your life?This isn’t some ploy to sell a Ho ...